So me and my old friend Nylles came back together to do another compilation. But we decided this one would be a little different. One thing we all love about the summertime is the music that comes with it, the soundtrack to our barbecues and the late night functions. Summertime music fuels us, it allows us to live in the moment and worry about what comes after later. One person who embodies that mantra of the summertime swing is an artist that the people are desperately waiting for, and that person is none other than Dom Kennedy. So Nylles and I are releasing 2 compilation tapes of the one they call “D.O.M”, one for the homies to cruise to, and one for the ladies to jam with as they get ready for the night. Look at it as something to hold you over until “Get Home Safely” fills our iPods and our cookouts with that player music. As always, we hope you enjoy them, and be on the lookout for our next project.


Download both “Been Thuggin” & “Ladies Love D.O.M” HERE.

Download “Been Thuggin” HERE>.

Download “Ladies Love D.O.M.”

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